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Sunday, October 25, 2009


Presentation of blog world map of GEOblog

This project was born of curiosity for response to a question: From where we talk about things in the world geo?

Nowdays Anyone can become a cartographer. Internet has facilitated the dissemination of spatial data in society, and the use of software previously reserved for professionals only. The technology is yours. This capability opens up a golden age of cartography, GEO-blogs in it play an important role.

The GEO-blogs are blogs Whose main content is on science and technology of spatial data. They discussed among other issues on cartography, geography, maps, GIS, GPS. These blogs make Geosphere. However we do not have a detailed map of the GEO-sphere at the global level, or a Full Version that pleases us to have data on their health and development.

This blog is an initiative that seeks to build an observatory for geoblog, analyze your location, and Contribute to Disclose its existence to society.

The objective is to build a GIS geo blogs Landscapes of Knowledge Maps

As stated in a post recently published by Vector One.

If one is able to identify clusters of knowledge, then the ability to create governance that leads toward development will have greater chance of succes.

The concept is fairly practical. If you want to build or develop GIS, for example, then one ought to determine where larger numbers of people having advanced GIS knowledge exist. That is different than asking, "Who needs Geograhic Information Sciences and System?" It is all about knowing where knowledge is located.

This blog is a project in beta Permanet. The accuracy of the database and detail depends on contributions from users.

Read more about epistemic landscapes mapping


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