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Friday, November 20, 2009


Geo-blogs help to growth of a greater demand for spatial analysis

Todd Schuble post in CAREERS IN GIS blog about What Happened to the GIS Analyst?.He argues that the need for "pure" GIS analysts has fallen off.

On the subject of analysis spatial, I think a key issue is the ignorance of the potential of GI-Science versus GIS-technology by the management teams of organizations.

Today we are overwhelmed by position of supremacy of geodata. Society lives in a state characterized by slogan ‘Geo-data inside’. We are anchored in large masses of data without evolution towards a new era in which the spatial analyst is the next ‘lead ahead’.

This radical change in perspective, against the spatial data, is not easy. It requires a certain maturity on the part of the management teams of organizations. They have to know the capabilities afforded by GIS in decision making.

The current status of the potential lack of GI-Science is not by chance. It may be due to a deficit of disclosure about the possibilities of spatial analysis.

If they do not know which questions can be formulated, it is difficult that can reply from the spatial analysis. In these times of crisis, spatial analysis have an opportunity of showing their potential.

How can improve this situation?.Perhaps achieving greater visibility on the web of the achievements and results of some spatial analysis. Geo-blogs and social networks can contribute to the growth of a greater demand for spatial analysis.


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